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"Attain, Ensure, and Maintain the BEST SERVICE possible with PERSONAL TOUCH..." 

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Established since 1963, JP Tolentino & Co., CPAs, owes its longevity and success to the extensive knowledge and experience of its founder.  Along with the genuine professionalism and dedication of its TEAM individuals, they realize the objectives of the FIRM - to ATTAIN, ENSURE, and MAINTAIN - with continuity - the BEST SERVICE possible with PERSONAL TOUCH.

JP Tolentino & Co., CPAs is a member of (1) Institute of Management Accountants(IMA); (2) Philippine Institue of Certified Public Accountants(PICPA); (3) Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice(ACPAPP); (4) Philippine Associtation of Management Accountants (PAMA); (5) Philippine Institute of Management Accountants (PIMA); (6) Philippine Council of Management (Philcoman).

These affiliations provide our FIRM access to the increasingly competitive and often unpredicatable world of business.  Hence, enables the TEAM to serve and advice clients effectively and appropriately at value added cost.

JP Tolentino & Co., CPAs accreditations:

* SEC Acc No. 056F

* BIR AN 07-000922

* IC No. 070-A

* PRC/BOA - 0054