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ATTAINMENT of the firm's goal are attributed to three (3) qualified professional partners.  Each partner is committed to combine and co-ordinate harmoniously their expertise and channel it to meet specific client needs of the highest quality possible.

WORKING with the partners is a "CLIENT SERVICE TEAM" of three (3) Senior Auditors; seven (7) Junior Auditors and five (5) complimentary staff.

THE FIRM is fully aware that KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, and PROFESSIONAL VALUES are the surviving tools in this highly competitive environment where EXCELLENCE and QUALITY and AVAILABILITY are prerequisites to a successful practice.  Hence, continuing professional education programs on technicality as well as ethics, are provided through in-house trainings conducted in our function room.  These are supplemented by other related seminars sponsored by professional organizations, such as: PICPA, ACPAPP, PAMA, PHILCOMAN, etc.